Teen Titans Pornography Story: Predator Chapter 13

Teen Titans Pornography Story: Predator Chapter 13

Where are the Titans? Terra asked, mockingly. I felt my eyes begin to
fill up with water.

They quit, Condor said, Her mind is practically screaming it. The Teen
Terrors laughed, triumphantly.

Oh well, Lightning said, They always were pitiful cowards. I looked at
him, tears pouring down my face.

Dont make fun of them!! I yelled, They are my friends and you have no
right to mock them!

Silence! Trigon yelled and he blasted me. I hit the ground and I felt a
lot of pain. The Terrors were laughing again. He blasted me again and I
felt blood mixing with the tears on my face. The cut was along my forehead.
I looked up at Trigon and gazed in amazement at the fresh scene. My bottom
jaw dropped open.

Whats the matter? Condor laughed, You look like youve seen a ghost. I

Actually, I said, Ive seen 5. I ducked as Raven blasted Trigon into
the back wall, behind me. Cyborg and Starfire did the same to Crow and
Condor. I jumped up and, using my telekinetic abilities, I threw Blackfire
and Terra into the side walls. Robin knocked out Lightning and Beastboy
changed into a rhino and rampaged over Thunder, knocking him out too. I
wiped the blood from my face, as Beastboy changed back.

I thought you guys had given up, I said. They all grinned.

We did, Robin said.

Then my sister came and gave us a right talking to, Raven said. I smiled.

Why did you talk us back into it? Beastboy asked. I looked at him.

You remember when I told you I had met so many other superheroes? I said.

Yeah, Beastboy said.

Well, I learnt this one from Spiderman, I replied, turning back to
everyone, With great power comes great responsibility and it is your
responsibility to use that power for a better world. They all were silent.

Then, Hail to Spiderman! Cyborg yelled. We cheered.

Let us leave before they wake up, Starfire said, gesturing to the Teen
Terrors and Trigon. I nodded and we left as fast as we could.

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