Teenage Titans Pornography Story: A fresh Acquaintance A fresh threat A fresh story II Chapter Four

Teenage Titans Pornography Story: A fresh Acquaintance A fresh threat A fresh story II Chapter Four

Robin: “how?! How did they vanish! We’ve opened an active map of each
region of the game! They’re gone. how?”

Cyborg: “I think they’re in that place where the armored guy came from. Now
all we can do is wait.”

Robin: “how do we pass the time?”

Cyborg: ^o^ “I know.”

5 minutes later.

Robin: “NOO! I won’t die!”

Cyborg: “GIVE IN!”

Robin: “NEVER!” they were playing Bushido Blade; Cyborg, as you can tell,
is handing Robin a beating.

Grail world

Raven (god): “it is very dark in here. And cold. Something is not right.”
They kept on walking and bumped into a solid rock wall.

Phoatu (god): “I think this is the false path.”

Raven and Phoatu: -_-; #good morning captain obvious!#

Phoatu (god): “you know we can hear your thoughts.”

Both: *o*;

Phoatu (god): “come Falcon, let’s find our way out.” Just as they turned
around to go back the way thy came, *WHAM* they slammed into another wall.
Both fell back and landed on their asses.

Raven (god): “ow. pain, such an odd sensation. Looks like the tunnel closed
behind us as we walked. Looks like we are stuck in he–” just then, the
floor collapsed and they fell on their rears yet again. This time, they
were in a large square room from what appeared to be a dungeon. Suddenly an
eerie sound ran through the room. Skeletal creatures emanated from the
walls. Eight of them stood, prepared to attack

Raven (god): “AK APS VORSE!” a swirl of black energy formed underneath them
and spiked pillars rose from the swirl. The pillars destroyed the skeletons
and then vanished back into the energy. As soon as the pillars retracted,
more skeletons appeared.

Phoatu (god): “this is not good! Accio firebolt!” a streak of fire shot out
of his hand and burned the skeletons. More and more came, seeming like they
where about to be done in for sure when.

Starfire (god): “I think we have found it!”

Beastboy (god): “yes, this is it! Use the scroll.”

Phoatu (god): “it looks like this is it.”

Raven (god): “no one lasts forever.” they walk to each other and hold one
another. Just as the skeletons were going to attack, they teleport to where
the other two gods were waiting.

Beastboy (god): ^o^ “ooh what’s this?” they realize they are still holding
each other. They blush and move away.

Starfire (god): ^_^ “aww. Falcon has a heart!”

Raven (god): -_-; “whatever.”

Phoatu (god): “ok. Lets go in!” ^_^ .looks around and sees nothing. -_-
“where is the entrance?”

Beastboy (god): “entrance?”

Starfire (god): “we were supposed to find something?”

Phoatu (god): 0_0+ “you used our only transfer teleport scroll!”


Beastboy (god): “Ha! You are so gullible! It’s right here.” He pats the
wall, only for his hand to go through. The rest of the team walked through.
They end up in a reverse version of the overworld. Everything is the same
except everything has a red hue.

Phoatu (god): “let’s proceed to their ‘supreme chapel’. I assume they will
be there.”

Raven (god): “what do we do when we get there?”

Beastboy (god): “everything is the same here; only darker. So we go in
there and look for their meeting quarters.”

Starfire (god): “it is too small to fight in there.”

Raven (god): “I’m sure they’ve got a trick there waiting for us.”

Phoatu (god): “do you think they might have taken the gems of power?”

Beastboy (god): “they might have. I’m sure that they also have put their
gems of power to use as well.”

Unknown Area

Slade: “(chanting)” Slade is holding up a scroll, saying the summoning
spell to change the gems into the warriors of the realm.


Demonwarrior: “they are coming sir.”

Utaop (god): “excellent! They are falling right into our trap! Prepare for
battle! All of you!”

Starfire (god): “where are they? They should be here.” They walk about the
room. But all they see are the statues of the dark gods, a round table, and
a few chairs. Beastwarrior looked at the pedestal where the underworld’s
gems of power would be. They were also missing.

Utaop (god): “So glad you could come!” everyone looks around but there is
no sign of him in the room.

Phoatu (god): “But you were defeated!”

Utaop (god): “WRONG! Alex defeated NICK, not me! Oh, and Nick is very much
alive. I took over his body and escaped as the platform fell. Now you will
enter the true underworld!” the room began to melt, fire was everywhere.
When the room had completely melted they were now on a round slab of
obsidian completely surrounded by lava.


Demonwarrior: same exact thing as Beastboy (god form) except the pauldron
has about 30 spikes; and he has dark red skin and hair, instead of green.

Utaop: same exact thing as Phoatu (god form) but in red.

Starflame: same thing as Starfire (god form) but in very dark purple and
has Blackfire’s banded armor over her arms and legs.

Phoenix: same thing as Raven (god form) except the armor plates are fitted
for the male body (because he is a guy) and the cloak is dark gray.


Demonwarrior: “Bwahaha! You are in our realm now! You cannot even hope of
defeating us!”

Darkflame: “you are all fools! You fell into our trap! The underworld you
saw was an illusion! An exact replica of the overworld! Beneath the
illusion lie rock formations, rivers and lakes full of hot magma! Here, you
are weaker. There is no sign of help for you!”

Utaop (god): “we also know your gems of power are missing! So you won’t be
able to stop our plans! Without your gems, you cannot counter our gems! We
will use our gems to do what we set out to do! DESTROY GRAIL!”

Phoenix: “some fool in the dimension of the mortals is using the summoning
spell on your gems. What he doesn’t know is when one set is summoned, the
other follows. So we will throw our gems into the lava, which leads to the
planet’s core, and when he summons your gems’ warriors, ours will be
summoned as well. When they are summoned, they will attack the first thing
they see. In this case, it will be the planet’s core.”

Utaop: “the beauty of it is, once that happens, you will die inevitably! We
will survive; for it was our gems that destroyed the planet and we will
teleport to the mortals’ dimension, using the bodies we took over.”

Phoenix: “oh, and we already threw our gems into the lava. Your death is
now certain!”

Beastboy (god): “won’t they die too if the planet is destroyed?”

Phoatu (god): “they might. But let’s not leave it to chance. We will all
take on our counterparts.”

Beastboy (god): “will do.” He transformed into a gray wolf and ran at
Demonwarrior. Demonwarrior transformed into a demonic four-legged creature.
They began biting each other and rolled around, attacking each other

Starfire (god): “this ends now sister! Release the mortals and allow them
to leave!” Darkflame started laughing maniacally.

Darkflame: “Starflame, do you have no sense of logic? You too are holding a
mortal.” She threw two blasts of energy at her sister. She dodged them and

Starfire (god): “but I am not holding the mortal against her will!” she
countered with a few blasts of her own, none of them hit.

Darkflame: “what is will? It is nothing but a weak emotion.”

Starfire (god): “will is not just an emotion! Will is your strength to go
on!” she energized one of her blasts so it got very large and threw in at
the ground. On contact, it exploded into many smaller blasts. Several of
them hit Darkflame.

Darkflame: ” *grunt* You will have to do better than that!” they both began
to blast each other, but they moved so fast, most of the shots were dodged.
But Darkflame was winning the battle.

Phoenix: “So Falcon, looks like it ends here. I always found you a worthy
opponent. And you are also quite interesting. You are the only Light god
able to use dark powers. Tell me, why haven’t you switched sides yet?”

Raven (god): “we have been over this. You cannot tempt me to switch sides!
NETUL VISQUE ZYNTHOS!” bolts of dark energy fired out of her cloak
endlessly. Phoenix had dodged several of them and fired a spell of his own.

Phoatu (god): “why do you do this? You and I both know that you might as
well die when the planet is destroyed.”

Utaop (god): “I am willing to risk it! Either we die, or we live and take
over other worlds!”

Phoatu (god): “and what of the mortals? What will happen to them?”

Utaop (god): “they will be released when the time comes!”

Phoatu (god): “I can’t let you out of this unharmed! I will defeat you and
I will make you release the mortals.” Both pulled out their swords and
slashed at each other. They fought with elegant form, they matched slash
for slash, block for block, they even used their fists and feet from time
to time. Now it looked like the battle could go either way for the eight
gods. They were all equally matched.

Unknown Area

Slade: (chanting) he was almost done reading the scroll. #Soon Gotham will
be mine!# he thought to himself. #SOON!!#

===================================================END CHAPTER 5

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