TeenTitans Pornography Story: Losing all Manage Chapter One

TeenTitans Pornography Story: Losing all Manage Chapter One

Teen Titans and the YJ

“What do you mean “New Members!? I’ve had just about enough of you sneaking
surprises on us, Robin” Yelled the infuriated Cyborg.

“Yes, Robin, Cyborg does have a point. First you tell me that a Hershey’s
Kiss does not require a kiss and now this?” Everyone stared at Starfire.
She was new to Earth, but really.

Raven slammed a book shut, as she did every time she was trying to read,
but couldn’t concentrate. Everyone jumped. Her unenthusiastic voice (almost
as dull as Batman’s) echoed through the room. “I’m going to my room. I
assume you all know what not to do. I’ll be out at seven.”

“O’clock?” Asked a confused Beast Boy. He was, if anything, the comic
relief for the team, and sometimes, like now, even Robin couldn’t tell if
he was kidding or actually surprised.

“No, huh-uh, when you get all seven chicken legs put on the Meat Day Tree.
Like I said, 7:00, NO INTERUPTIONS!” She grabbed a book with her
telekinetic powers, threw it at Beast Boy, and made it stop inches from his
face. She left the room, and the Book dropped to the ground.

Silence, and then Beast Boy spoke. “Hey, Robin, have you done the laundry?”

“Yeah, why?” asked Robin.

“I’m gonna need a new costume. I just wet myself.” Cyborg let out a
whimper. Robin gaze fell down to the dark spot below Beast Boy’s waist.

Starfire murmured, “What is the problem. You have all taught me that, on
Earth, you wet yourselves every night, with shampoo and soap.”

Robin hesitated “Um, Starfire, sometimes when boys get excited, they, well.
They pee. on themselves. In their pants. It doesn’t happen often.”

Starfire stared at the boys, all of whom were biting their lip. “Oh,
urination! You don not have to use slang with me. I understand. Just like
you told me that you have that problem Robin, where every night, you-“

Robin shoved his hand over Starfire’s mouth. Starfire, we need to talk
about something called embarrassment and the word “private.” Robin and
Starfire ran out of the room.

Beast Boy and Cyborg stared at the doorway that “Star” and Rob had just
gone through. Cyborg’s short track mind kicked in. “Ewww. Bet I can beat
you at “Road Bash V” on Playtendo.


** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** **
** ** ** **

Later on at dinner, Robin was pink; Starfire kept saying she was sorry,
Cyborg pouted as Beast Boy cheered about winning “Road Bash V.” It was
6:30. Dinner was getting cold, but no one was about to go get Raven. And
so, everyone sat there, enjoying their last meal before the new recruits
arrived early the next morning.

The team had only seen pictures. They all liked Superboy. Starfire loved
his looks, Raved loved his telekinesis, Cyborg liked his strength record
and Beast Boy liked they fact that the file said he was “Impulsive.” But
Robin seemed to be worried about the Cons- line: “Competitive in

** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** **
** ** ** **

Knock, knock, “Um. Raven. Are new members are here, and Robin wants you to
meet them.” Beast Boy’s voice trailed off as he finished. He was going to
be beaten up bad. He knew it.

A sign telekinetically flew out from under the door and posted itself on
the doorknob. It read, “I am busy right now, please, unless there is cute
boy here to meet me, GO AWAY!” Beast Boy had seen it before. She used it
every time one of the Team wanted to talk to her. She had never come out of
her room, mainly because there was never a cute boy to meet her.

An idea struck Beast Boy. “Um, Superboy really wants to meet you.” Not even
a second later, the door opened and Raven came marching out.

“Out of my way green boy.”

** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** **
** ** ** **

Downstairs, Superboy, Impulse and Wonder Girl watched as Raven came down
the stairs. Impulse had a look on his face like he met the girl of his
dreams. “I’m Raven. You must be Superboy. Impulse. And Wonder Girl. Nice to
finally meet you. I’ve heard so much.” Her voice was duller than Batman’s.
Wonder Girl struck a surprised half-smile.
“So, I hear you can all do different things.”

Superboy spoke. Starfire and Raven almost melted when his voice announced,
“Um. Yeah, but see, we’ve evolved our powers since we contacted you last.
Now I can use regular telekinesis, Telepathy, Hypnotism, and Flight.”

Starfire gave a puzzled look, “Hypnotism? What is that?”

Superboy let out a chuckle, “Basically, it’s were I make people do things
against their will, like this.” Superboy’s eyes flashed bright green and
stayed that way. Seconds later, Robin’s eyes did the same thing. “Dance.”
said Superboy. Robin began to do a stupid little dance. “Now sing.” Robin
began to sing some preschooler song about lambs. “Now jump out the window.”

“Kon, what are you doing?” asked wonder Girl.

“Trust me Cass.” Robin did as he was told and leapt out the window. He was
about to fall the last 10 feet to the jagged rocks of the island when a
bright green aura appeared around him. Slowly, he lifted into the air and
returned to the Tower. Both of the boy’s eyes were still green. “Now, take
off your mask and tell us who you are.”

Robin shook his head and reached for his mask. He began to pull it off when
Wonder Girl said, “Kon-El you make him stop, now. He has the right to keep
his identity a secret if he wants.”

Cyborg, Raven, Starfire and Beast Boy hung their heads. They weren’t told
of Robin identity either. “You can make anyone do anything?” asked Raven.
Superboy’s eyes flashed green. This time, he telekinetically said what to
do, and this time to Raven.

Eyes green, Raven walked over to Impulse and kissed him. She woke up from
her trance and saw her black lipstick on Impulse. She fell backwards
fainting. Impulse caught her.

Cyborg stood mouth aghast and asked, “Umm, do you know where the.”

“The remote is under the left couch cushion stuck to. Bubble Gum.”
Announced Superboy.

“Could you…”

“Yep.” Said Superboy, and he telekinetically lifted to remote over to

The Teen Titans hurried into a huddle.

“I like this guy,” said Cyborg.

“I find him quite attractive.” Announced Starfire.

“He rocks!” Said Beast Boy.

Everyone stared at Raven.

“Yes.” She said.

Robin stood up and announced in a leader like way, “You’re now part of the

Impulse looked surprised. “But, you haven’t even seen me and Cassie’s

“Don’t care.” Said Raven. “Superboy can most definitely make up for you’re.

“So, you must be Starfire!” Called Wonder Girl. “Let’s go have a chat.”
They left the room.

“Well, Kon-El, I’m going to teach my battle strategies on you, and you will
use me as the target for your attacks.. Follow me.” Robin led Superboy out
of the room.

“So, Um, Beast Boy. Wanna go get some grub?” asked Impulse. They walked
towards the kitchen.

“So,” asked Cyborg in a girly way, obviously mimicking Wonder Girl. “Wanna
go talk about girly things?”

Raven was not impressed. She looked towards Cyborg. “So. do wanna go take a
long walk off of a short pier?”

“Are you crazy? I’d fall off!” retorted Cyborg.

“That would be the point. I’m going to spend 10 minutes contemplating why I
exist. Good Bye.” Raven marched off.

“Yeah, well, maybe I’ll go do something without you!” Cyborg used as a last
attempt to make Raven angry. She stopped in the middle of the hallway and
listened to his last accusations. “And maybe I’ll never talk to you again!

“Do you promise?” asked Raven.

Cyborg turned around and turned on the Playtendo.

** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** **
** ** ** **

Later that night, they all gathered in the living room. Starfire had on
makeup. Robin was bruised and red and Superboy was. well, not hurt at all.
Beast Boy and Impulse seemed to have so much food in them that they rolled
into the room. Raven was. dark. Cyborg was pouting.

Robin stood up. “Well, I’ve decided to use Superboy’s attack strategies
because they are a tad more effective than mine.” Everyone stared at the
red puffball in front of them.

“I’ve decided that I’m more of a coral than a violet!” Yelled Starfire.
“You know, as in lipstick!”

Everyone stared. Silence. A lot of silence. Everyone stared at the others,
as if they would start a conversation. No one did. Their first day had
obviously not gone all to well. Apparently, Kon-El decided to channel
Robin’s thoughts through his mouth. He said, in Robin’s voice. “.Bigger
than a jumbo marshmallow. I’ll be like this for weeks!” Everyone laughed
except Raven. Raven looked. dark. She just stared.

“Well, I am gonna hit the hay. Where are they bedrooms?” Asked wondergirl

“Why would you attack hay without reason?” asked Starfire.

“It’s a metaphor.” Said Impulse “It means you’re.”

“Going to bed” interrupted Raven. She left the room.

“Did we do somthin’ to upset her?” Asked Superboy.

“She’s like that. Eventually you learn to overlook that and the fact that
she only wears blue.”

“Actually” It was Cyborg “I’m still a little freaked out by that.”

Everyone shook their head and mumble “yeah.”

It was going to be a long life.

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