TeenTitans Pornography Story: Titans Halloween Chapter 7

TeenTitans Pornography Story: Titans Halloween Chapter 7

To his surprise a green bolt of energy shot through the air and knocked Jinx several feet away, temporarily stopping the formation. “Robin we are here shouted Starfire. “Where have you guy’s been he shouted. “The big explosion the roof that’s what replied Beast Boy as he morphed back to normal at Robin’s side. “Dude, you look awful ,said Beast Boy. “Yeah don’t remind me.”

“I got ya dude Beast Boy said as he helped Robin to his shoulder’s. “Raven can you get Cyborg over there Robin said as he pointed to the metal teen. Raven nodded and quickly picked Cyborg up with her telekinesis and set him in front of Robin. “Okay, now if I can just reboot his system he should be fine. Robin pulled out a couple of pliers he had in his belt and began working. “Hey Star, can you come over here and wield these two pieces together he asked as he pointed at two part’s. “Of course Robin she replied. She sent a little bolt in the form of a laser and mended the two part’s together. “Alright, hopes this works said Robin as he closed the hatch on his back. Robin moved close to his ear and whispered something to him.

Cyborg’s eyes instantly shot up and he jumped off the table. “Okay, there’s no way that you beat my high score Robin! “Same ol’ Cyborg snickered Beast Boy. Robin coughed and pointed towards the HIVE. “Oh yeah, now I remember! Shouted Cyborg, thank’s for bringing me back man he said to Robin as he shook his hand. “Your welcome” Robin said as he shook his hand. “Um.”, Raven force’s a cough and point’s at the HIVE again. “Oh, yeah almost forgot about them, said Cyborg “You ready Titan’s. asked Robin. “Ready as I’ll ever be, baby! Shouted Beast Boy as he cracked his knuckles. “I am ready said Starfire. “I as well Raven replied. “You know I am shouted Cyborg as he formed a sonic cannon in his hand. “Alright, Robin smiled, Titan’s Go!

Beast Boy turned into a T-Rex and stampeded toward’s Mammoth. “I’m not afraid of you anymore he shouted as he uppercutted the dinosaur. The green teen fell backwards and was caught in Cyborg’s arm’s. “Thank’s” “Don’t mention it Cyborg he replied. Cyborg then picked Beast Boy up by the collar and threw him at Mammoth. “Dude that wasn’t cool his voice echoed as he was launched toward’s Mammoth. Mammoth was ready to catch the flying teen at him, until Cyborg shouted out, BB! Turn into a porcupine!” Beast Boy nodded and giggled as he morphed into it and slammed into Mammoth’s face.

“Aaah he shouted as he ran around the room in pain. He soon made contact with Cyborg’s metal fist in front of his face. “Say good night Cyborg said as he turned it into a sonic cannon. Cyborg pulled the trigger, and the cannon blasted Mammoth in the face. When Cyborg had stopped, Mammoth’s head was completely bald, he had swirly anime eyes and fell unconscious. In a different area in the club, Raven and Jinx were duking it out. The girl’s began with physical attacks. Raven threw the same punch she did when they first met. Jinx instinctively blocked it. “You still fight like a boy!” “Funny thing is, said Raven, I also fight dirty she shouted as she pulled the witches hat Jinx had over her head.

“Cheater she hissed. Raven then kicked Jinx straight up her chin and she fell backwards. Before she hit the ground Raven grabbed a hold of her shoes with her telekinesis and began to swing her around the room. In moments of course she slipped out of them, but not until she met the cold hard floor. Raven picked Jinx up one last time by the feet and slammed her hard. Jinx growled in anger and flung some bad energy wave at the large spot light above Raven. The large spotlight snapped and creaked as it toppled on top of Raven. Raven felt it slam into her back and she was pinned to the floor.

She waved her hand over it, covering it in black light. She motioned it off her and she got up. She was in great pain. “Did you like that taunted Jinx as she made other light’s come crashing down. “No I didn’t shouted Raven as she took control of the falling stage lights. She sent each and everyone of them back at Jinx. Jinx did her best and dodged every single one. “It that the best you got she asked. Raven looked down and when she looked up at her, she had a smirk planted on her face. She licked some blood off her lip’s and spat it out. Raven began to point at Jinx. Her smile was creeping Jinx out. “Stop smiling she shouted at Raven. Raven limped toward’s her, a smile still planted on her face.

“Stop it she shouted as she flung a purple blast toward’s her. Raven simply knocked it away and limped closer. Jinx was officially freaked out she began to turn around but she felt something hard slam against her head *THWANG* and was knocked out. “Idiot, Raven muttered as her face returned to its calm position.. Jinx was careless enough to haven’t notice that Raven had a steel chair hovering behind her. All she had to do was turn her head around and the chair would have been waiting for her.

“So that leave’s us with Gizmo, said Robin, No problem. Star I need you to carry me. I can’t move my leg so well he say’s as he motion’s toward his leg. “It would be my pleasure she said as she clung unto his wrist. Gizmo stepped back in fear. He was the only one left. He didn’t have superpower’s or super strength, but he still could fight.

Even, though he was technically the weakest link when it came to superior strength. “I’m not afraid of some princess and a bad action character he stuttered as he reached for another bomb in his bag pack. He threw it at them but Starfire pulled them away avoiding the blast. Robin threw a disk at Gizmo and it clung itself to his back. “Hah! I saw this trick last time scoffed Gizmo. Robin sneered, “Yeah, but this one explode’s…” Gizmo stood there with his mouth a gape. “I hate you…, he finally said as the disk exploded sending him through a wall. He fell out seeing stars around his eyes and fell unconscious. “Like I said Star, to easy he said as the two glided back to the ground.

It only took minutes for the Titans to put out the fire. Raven was shooting water from a fire hydrant towards the flame with Beast Boy. Cyborg and Starfire cleaned up the debree while Robin tied up the HIVE and called the police. “I told you we should have went to another club mumbled Gizmo. “No, you didn’t I said that, say’s Jinx, you were the one who wanted to come here. “Hey we get in free he retorted. “But we didn’t and had to break through the roof shouted Jinx back. “Well y’know.., Mammoth began to say,.. We could have just payed to get in. Gizmo and Jinx stood there silent, blinking.

There face turned into frowns as they shouted “Shut up!”, to Mammoth. “That’s enough you too say’s a police officer as he escorted them to the police van. The Titans stopped what they were doing and watched the van slowly drove away. There was a moment of silence until Beast Boy said, “Well this was one heck of a night !” “You got that right replied Cyborg as he plopped down into a chair. “Man I’m beat, but this night wasn’t all bad. We got candy, got to go clubin’, beat up the HIVE, “Again” interrupted Beast Boy as he broke dance on the floor. “As I was saying, beat up the HIVE, and it’s all a happy ending. “Once, you get past the part where the building roof bursting into flames replied Raven in her monotone voice. “Hey, can’t have a omelet with out breaking a few egg’s he retorted. “Egg’s, Cyborg, what egg’s are you talking about asked Starfire. Cyborg breaks a anime sweat. “He mean’s that we can’t have fun without some thing’s going wrong, Robin said answering for him. “Yeah, Cyborg replied. “Oh, then we had lot’s of fun, correct?” “Yeah Star, it wasn’t bad. Robin look’s as his leg. Still smart’s’ he said to himself as he rubbed the blood stained cloth. “Hey Rob, I’ll drive.

You need to get some rest on that leg. “Thank’s Cy, he replied. “Okay Titan’s, I think’s about time we go. Everyone nodded, except Beast Boy, he was still break dancing. “Let’s go Raven said as she grabbed him by the ear. “Ooookay Raven he squealed, just let go. It hurt’s. Raven shook her head and grinned. She released her grip and took his hand and glided them outside to the jet. Cyborg stop’s and does a double take. He point’s to their direction. “Hey, did I just see, what I think I saw?” “Yup replied Robin. “No way! Laughed Cyborg. “Little dude made a new friend he shouted as he laughed some more. He bang’s his fist against a table, “Oh, man, this is a happy ending, he said as he laughed some more.

“Let’s go Tin man Robin said interrupting him. “You got to drive he reminded him, “Oh.., yeah sure he said. Cyborg walks out of the club holding his head, laughing all the way out. ” Okay, Robin, hold still said Starfire. “Why, what are you- Starfire then pick’s Robin up in her arm’s. “Whoa! Star, it’s alright I can walk he said. This really looked embarrassing, a girl carrying a guy. “But, Robin you are in pain” “I know but-” Starfire start’s to have tear’s well up in her eyes. Robin looked at them and sighed. “Ah..not the puppy dog pout, okay, fine he muttered. “Oh, thank you for letting me help you, she said as her eyes turned from sad to happy in a second. “Hey, you were faking it.”, he said. “No I wasn’t, she laughed as she carried them to the jet. In the jet, Raven and Beast Boy decided to sit share a seat, since Robin needed Beast Boy’s to rest his leg on. Beast Boy didn’t mind, he simply turned into a cat and rested on Raven’s lap.

“You can stay there momentarily, but when we get back, you have to get off.”, she said to him. “Okay he purred as he nuzzled his head on her lap. “Don’t get too comfortable she said as she rubbed the kittens head. “Okay y’all! You wanna take the long way home, or the fast way?”, Cyborg said with a grin on his face. “Slow!” shouted everyone. They didn’t want to repeat the thruster fiasco again, since some were injured, and some didn’t want to vomit again. “Okay “,he said as he slumped into his chair. Well take it nice and slow he said as he dimmed the light’s in the jet, letting only the stars be the only source of light.



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